H. M. S. Victory


In maritime history there were five ships bearing the name H.M.S. Victory. This one, from 1765, has become the most well-known by far, especially because she was under the command of the legendary English admiral Nelson. As flagship of the English navy she was involved in the many sea battles England did, also the one near Trafalgar in 1805.
Sadly, in this decisive sea battle in the war against France and Spain, this was at the cost of admiral Nelsonës life.

Fortunately, this historic three-master has been preserved for posterity. Today, entirely restored to her former glory, she is on display in Portsmouth (UK). A peculiar detail of this mighty three-decker, equipped with 102 cannons, is that the cannon decks were painted bright red. This was apparently done to make injuries and blood loss less conspicuous to keep morale up.

In memory of this famous admiral a statue was erected on Trafalgar Square in London. His
signal: ‘England expects that†every man will do his duty’ has become world-famous and is still popular to this day. Every year, on the day of the Battle of Trafalgar, flags are hoisted to commemorate Nelson.