Fries Statenjacht (Frisian State yacht)

Originally yachts were understood to be various types of small, fast-sailing ships. The word “jacht” (yaught) was derived from the word “jagen”, meaning racing or speeding. The “statenjacht”, with a single mast, was the most important one in the 17th century and was used for reconnaissance and fast transport of important persons. But also normal sailing ships that were a little lighter and more graceful than usual were indicated as yachts. As various state yachts were ships of great luxury and were richly adorned, foreign monarchs in particular were greatly interested in this type of ship.
A Frisian State yacht is one of the ships that was offered to Charles II of England by the city of Amsterdam in 1660. Later he had many ships built in Holland to keep sailing competitions. Yacht sailing and the word “jacht” became a household word in Great Britain, albeit with a slightly different spelling.