Enkhuizer Bol


Until the closure of the Zuiderzee the Dutch fishing fleet mainly consisted of small sailing boats made of wood. The most common type of these small ships was the Botter, or Smack.
As some of the fishermen had special wishes during the construction of the ship, many different types appeared. One of them is the Bol, so called because it was made rounder than the Smack, which gave much more space for the transport of the catch. As the Bol was also wider, the ship lay much more stable in the water, which was a great advantage in a storm.
The shipyards where the ships were built, were located in several fishing towns around the Zuiderzee, so the names of the ships show where they were built.
So the Enkhuizer Bol was built in Enkhuizen. There, in the Zuiderzeemuseum, lies the last original Enkhuizer Bol from 1902, among many other unique traditional Dutch fishing boats.